Forces College of Nursing

Forces College of Nursing


Forces College of Nursing provides an innovative, caring, and collaborative learning environment. The graduates are prepared with the inclusion of Islamic and Ethical values. Demonstrates interdisciplinary roles as nurse clinicians, educators, and researchers at national and international levels. Forces College of Nursing educate the nurse to provide exemplary nursing care to the health needs of urban and rural populations in hospitals and communities. Forces College of Nursing prepares Knowledgeable, competent professional nurses who would provide safe care to patients and their families at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. Forces College of Nursing enables to nurses have a sense of professional accountability, and the ability to function as professionals in the healthcare settings such as clinics, hospitals, community health centers, and rehabilitation centers.

Programs that can be offered:

Diploma Programs:

·         Leady Health Visitors (LHV)

·         Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

·         Community Midwifery (CMW)

·         Family Welfare Workers (FWW)

Degree Programs:

·        Generic BSN (04 years Degree Program)

·         Post RN BSN/Post RN BSM (02 years Degree Program)


·         Affiliation and Registration Support

·         Quick Return on Investment

·         Administrative Support

·         Web Portal / IT Support

·         360° Nationwide marketing support

·         Academic support

·         QEC Support

·         HR Selection Support

·         Campus Based Training Support

·         Pre-Launching support